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Li Jian, deputy director of the Institute to observe and guide the Shengda Technology Company "

DATE:2016/6/30     VIEW:472

In order to further establish the "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" of the idea, strengthen staff safety education, improve the ability to prevent self-help and respond to emergencies comprehensive ability. In 43 the security department under the guidance of the afternoon of June 30, 2016 16:00, Shengda Technology Company to start building package has been developed the safety month - emergency evacuation exercises".



Li Jian, deputy director of the security department director Zhang Jun, Shengda Technology Company History Chang Dong general manager, deputy general manager Hu Zhusong full to observe and participate in the exercises, in which Li Jian served as deputy director of exercises general director, director Zhang Jun, general manager of the East history often served as vice commander. 182 staff members in the exercise of Shengda Technology company.



According to the preliminary plan, at four o'clock in the afternoon, the fire alarm sounded on time, the drill kicked off. Each department to exercise after receiving the signal, the first time in response to each floor of each department responsible for evacuation instructions, according to the standard action, from the nearest fire safety channel everything in good order and well arranged rapid evacuation and successfully achieve the designated collection sites, although the nature of activities is exercise, but every participating personnel are aware of the importance of fire safety of enterprises to one's family, everybody, hurry and do not panic, busy but not chaotic, not stampede and collision events throughout the course of the exercise. Zhang Jun affirmed the company's director of the exercise, called "one time" has always been the best effect of exercise, through the emergency evacuation drills, let everyone learn safety knowledge, achieve something do not panic, positive coping, self protective purpose. Deputy director Li Jian made important instructions on the exercise of Shengda Technology Company, said in the safety production of safety is the most important, spoke highly of the company in the new organization training and employee safety awareness at the same time, he also combines keenly aware of to all staff for example in public places, how to identify the various security risks and control methods get rid of hidden dangers.
Exercise activities in the end, arrangements for the leadership and staff to experience the use of fire extinguishers, through the actual operation, to ensure that everyone master fire skills. Although the process of fire, we face the ease, moves everyone take it leisurely and unoppressively, but can clearly recognize that "practice, three points, seven points to play practice, only when the actual combat exercises, in the face of true to the crucial moment if exercise like a calm".



Exercise is only a means, through the exercise of "fire safety concept of safe production and prevention" into each person's heart is to kuta. Obviously, this exercise is very good to have reached, the majority of workers in the activities not only gain the skills, experience more moved, because the moment of their safety was concerned about the leadership; security technology is constantly worrying at shengda. Being cared for is always a kind of happiness.