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Company Introduction

Hefei Shengda Electronic Technology Industrial Co. Ltd. formerly East China microelectronics technology institute Hefei Shengda Industrial Company, founded in 1993, is the forty-third Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation (also known as East China microelectronics technology institute) founded state owned enterprises, mainly engaged in electronic ceramics, R & D, production and sales of electronic paste. In May 2014, for the rapid increase in the field of advanced electronic packages and advanced electronic materials, core competition ability, forty-three will be engaged in research and development, advanced electronic package and packaging materials production packaging division into the company, the company was renamed Hefei Shengda Electronic Technology Industrial company. In August 2016, in order to meet the need of the market economy system, the construction of modern enterprise system, to achieve leapfrog development of forty-three civilian industry, companies from state owned enterprises restructuring is a limited liability company, renamed Hefei Shengda Electronic Technology Industry Limited company (hereinafter referred to as "Shengda"), a registered capital of 40 million yuan. The main business covers: metal shell, shell, ceramic materials, electronic components, electronic circuit, module development, production and trade; technical consulting, technical services, electronic equipment and instruments; self business and agent all kinds of goods and technology import and export business. 

Shengda Technology is currently the largest field of electronic materials and packaging R & D and production base, a number of professional and technical direction to lead the development of the industry, the world's leading supplier of optoelectronic device package.
Hefei Shengda Electronic Technology Industrial Co. Ltd. is committed to become China Dianke's strong industry influence, driving force and control force of professional companies.